On Studio Channel on FOX 13th & 16th of JAN in OZ!

Blood, Sweat & Sequins is an exciting new documentary by director Lou Quill & Owls Howl. Blood, Sweat & Sequins aired nationally on SBS, SBS2 & FOX TV Australia is available now on iTunes for only $3 dollars. The documentary will also be coming to a screen near you in other countries around the world soon, but so far it has been on TV in Australia, Israel & Belgium. Watch the trailer below for a sneak peek or check out on vimeo.

Australian World Champion Pole Dancer FELIX is retiring from competition, leaving her place on the world stage open...
Blood, Sweat and Sequins follows three women as they face daily preconceptions about who they are and what they do, watch as they battle it out to be Miss Pole Dance Australia. This shot at the top, is a chance to change their lives and challenge the stereotypical views even some loved ones hold. With a soundtrack featuring some of Australia's rising musical talent, this visually dynamic and intimate documentary captures these women's lives and will challenge the preconceptions of pole dancing.
Blood, Sweat & Sequins is a 52 minute documentary for director Lou Quill & Owls Howl. For Program Sales please contact: SBS INTERNATIONAL - www.sbs.com.au/sbsinternational/programs/view/id/742/t/Blood-Sweat-Sequins